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The Craft of Recruiting with Paula Judge, VP Talent at Accel
October 25, 2022
Paula Judge, VP Talent at Accel, joins us this week to explore this topic. Accel is a leading venture capital firm that invests in people and their companies from the earliest days through all phases of private company growth. Atlassian, Braintree, Cloudera, CrowdStrike, DJI, Dropbox, Dropcam, Etsy, Facebook, Flipkart, FreshWorks, Jet, Qualtrics, Slack, Spotify, Supercell, UiPath, and Vox Media are among the companies the firm has backed over the past 35 years.
Great interviews are built on your capacity to learn a lot about a prospect and the applicant's ability to show you who they are, what they have done, and how they are the greatest match for the position.

Interviews are about making your time with the candidate effective, getting the knowledge and information you need, and giving the candidate the information they need to make a decision.

However, providing the information the candidate needs is essential to hiring the right person for the right job at the right time.

A long hiring process is unnecessary for an early-stage startup. However, a well-structured hiring and interview process is vital.

In this episode of The Gradience Podcast, guest host, Brian Bocchino, is joined by Paula Judge, VP of Talent at Accel.

They cover:

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:02:01 ] Connecting with people and building relationships are very important to being successful at a job

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:02:51 ] The fundamental part of developing the skillset skill to build relationships and connecting with people is predicated on answering the following questions: 

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:05:05 ] "You learn the craft of recruiting by doing it". You need to have a lot of searches, people, clients and challenging situations

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:11:26 ] In recruiting, the goal is to get the right person on board so they can begin earnestly and impact the company

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:21:57 ] Interviewing is a skill. It's a craft that you can learn and be better at it with each interview session

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:22:40 ] Great interviews are predicated on your ability to get substantial knowledge about a candidate and the candidate having the experience of truly being able to show you who they are, what they accomplished, and how they are the best fit for the role

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:25:01 ] Interviews are about making your time with the candidate effective and getting the knowledge and information you need, and also giving the candidates the information they need to make a decision

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:25:10 ] Giving the knowledge and information that the candidate need is essential to hiring the right person for the right job and at the right time

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:026:30 ] For an early-stage company doesn't need a lengthy recruiting process. However, you need a well-structured recruiting process as well as the interview process

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:027:00 ] Never hire somebody without really understanding the business problem you are planning to solve

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:027:30 ] Start with the fundamentals of the problem and then begin to scope a role around the problem

πŸ‘‰ [ 00:32:16 ] If your company's at a point where it's ready to grow, being a talent magnet, a strong manager, and understanding how to build in levels and career growth and career progression, is the most important thing

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