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Hiring Your Tribe with Adrien Treuille, Co-Founder & CEO of Streamlit
February 22, 2022
New entrepreneurs face many challenges at the start of their founding careers. Some of these challenges range from getting adequate resources, budgeting, market demand, and a fool-proof work process, to mention a few. But one of the first major challenges faced by startups is employee hiring and management. A company and its values are made up of its workers; “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” As such, it is imperative to have one’s recruitment process figured out as it can make or mar the organization, its culture, and work output. The burning question now is, “How?”
In this episode of The Gradience Podcast, Nigel is joined by Adrien Treuille, Co-Founder & CEO of Streamlit.

They cover:

👉 The conception of Streamlit
👉 Streamlit’s recruitment process  
👉 Key considerations in Streamlit’s early hiring process
👉 Recruitment of company executives
👉 Investor influence and motivation on the Streamlit team
👉 Adrien’s hiring experience as CEO
👉 Streamlit’s organizational culture and growth 
👉 The impact of remote work on hiring and workplace culture
👉 Advice to Adrien on day 0 of Streamlit’s existence 

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